Blockchain Investment Opportunities with US Value Core LLC


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Invest in US Value Core LLC Patent Developments. We are actively working on some interesting products and inviting you to invest in their push to the market. These opportunities are limited and when fully funded will no longer accept any new investors.   

Cryptocurrency Mining

Invest in US Value Core LLC Mining Platforms. We are continuing to build our mining facilities and looking for investors that want to be part of our business mining plans.

Mining Facility

An investment in the infrastructure would be the facility design to be a top notch mining location with renewable resources offsetting power cost.

Mining Hardware

Investment in state of the art mining hardware. This would be network equipment, computer systems, mining related hardware.

Mining Software

With an investment in US Value Core LLC mining software you will know that it makes us more efficient in mining at the optimum levels, maximizes profits.

US Value Core LLC is in the early-stages of getting our Blockchain products to the market and looking for early-stage investors.

USVALUE tokens are now available on Counter Party (https://counterparty.io/docs/trade/), Create your wallet now using https://counterwallet.io/ and get your USVALUE tokens today (USVALUE/XCP).

We believe the growth opportunity for US Value Core LLC and its investors is immense, with:
• Rapidly changing market design of cryptocurrency.
• Potential market demand for cryptocurrency mining equipment.
• Potential for technology software enhancements for all cryptocurrency system interfaces.
• Potential for POS (Point of Sale) demand for cryptocurrency equipment and software.
• Cryptocurrency potential for security hardware and software architectural improvements.
• Patent potential of hardware, software design, and product improvements.
• Planned potential data center for maximizing cryptocurrency mining using our own developed
hardware and software tools.
• US Value Core LLC location of Florida, US and easy access to US based distribution networks.
• Our founder Robert Armstrong – passionate entrepreneur whose vision to build enduring value.

We are raising funds to continue our provisional patent development process on our Blockchain products and file patents on other intellectual products and ideas.

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